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Support comes in many different ways, shapes and forms.

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Your gift to

The House of Rogues

Helps us support the many aspirations of the youth
Allows us: To help the youth innovate and create

 To develop our programs

To better serve our community

Let us reach the complete Des Moines area

Non-Monetary Donations

We also need non-monetary donations. If what you have to donate is not on this list, please email us to see if it’s something we could put to good use before bringing it to us.



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Volunteering doesn't just mean working with the kids, it also means keeping The House running, whether that's mopping the floors or teaching a kid how to build a set for arts and theater. All gifts are valuable. In a volunteer role, you would be donating your time to teach a class or skill to kids who want to learn, assisting with facility upkeep, and spending time just hanging out with our youth. Many kids do not have anybody in their lives to fill the role of teacher, mentor, or role model. Please consider sharing your experiences, expertise, time and talents with the youth at The House of Rogues. 


The House of Rogues is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in Central Iowa.


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