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The House Of Blades

Historical European Martial Arts


refers to both the academic research and physical training associated with the combat arts of medieval Europe.  This includes a variety of cultures and martial styles, from German and Italian Longsword styles, to Dutch dagger, Scottish broadsword, and Portuguese staff fighting (Jogo Do Pau). HEMA is also sometimes referred to as Western martial Arts (WMA), however this term expands on historical European martial art by including studies in Military Sabre, Native American fighting systems and WWII knife or trench fighting.

Fencer with Mask

Our Story


Everyone’s All styles and weapons are welcome. 
we have gear for you to come and try with until you are ready for your own equipment.

11 +
hight school with guardian


 Hema Gear


. Fencing mask
. Neck protection
. Gambson 
. Arm guards
. Hand protection(gloves)
. Cup M/ Chest protection W

General Hema Gear Vendors


Purple heart armoury

Purple Heart Armory provides a wide array of HEMA gear, everything from books and travel kit to swords and fencing jackets.  Their Pentti synthetic training weapons are renowned for their quality.


south coast swords

Another vendor offering a variety of gear, South Coast Swords carries the Black Fencer line of synthetic training weapons, which also have great quality and a good variety of weapon types.  South Coast Swords also offers their own line of jacket, the Lynx Jacket, which is quite affordable for the HEMA fighter on a budget!



An Italian company offering fencing gear, they have a HEMA line of masks and jackets and may be offering historical swords as well soon.  Their gear trends towards the pricier side but is well designed and regarded. 


black armoury

Based out of France, Black Armoury offers a variety of HEMA gear, including the Black Amroury Fencing Jacket and steel training weapons.

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