We provide a space for a variety of different arts including parkour, theater (drama), martial arts, music, art, dance, and other forms of artistic expression along with a community space to hang out, meet, interact and grow together.

The House of Rogues is a nonprofit organization established to promote youth development through active and artistic self-expression. We create a safe space for youth to learn and grow, a home away from home for all who walk through our doors.


The House of Rogues

is built upon the values of service, community, and loving one's neighbor. We were established by a board who all share a passion for serving youth. Here at The House of Rogues we believe that every kid is valuable, every talent worth exploring, and every soul is worth nurturing.

" I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed , that will succeed beyond their wildest dreams! "

David vitter, former U.S. Senator

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream new dreams.

C.S. Lewis


Our Objectives & Goals

Our goal is to have our own building with the tools and space to accommodate all the kids in the Des Moines Metro Area.

Our immediate objectives include:

  • Raising awareness

  • Obtaining funding through donations and grants.

Our long-range objectives include:

  • Find a property to build our own space

  • Be a green facility that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Become semi-self sustaining

  • Be a pillar in the community


Your gift to

The House of Rogues

  • Helps us supports the many aspirations of the youth

  • Allow us to help the youth innovate and create

  • To develop our programs

  • To better serve our community

  • Let us reach the complete Des moines area

The House of Rogues is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of youth in Central Iowa.

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